35 Most Beautiful Destinations in Canada – Expedia | Bowen Island

35 Most Beautiful Destinations in Canada – Expedia

Expedia Travelblog - July 13, 2016

By Lara Vukelich
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Certain Canadian cities get all the glory. We’re looking at you, Vancouver and Calgary, with your sparkling cityscapes and lush emerald tree lines. Meanwhile, some of the most beautiful destinations don’t get any credit. Like Beyoncé’s backup dancers, these pretty places in Canada are just as fantastic as vacation headliners—but rarely get acknowledged. We searched for places that pack a major visual punch with unique charm, postcard-worthy scenery, and breathtaking landscapes.

Bowen Island, BC

Just a 20-minute ferry ride from many Vancouver hotels, Bowen Island is the stuff adventurers’ dreams are made of. You can hike Mount Gardner to get a panoramic view of the scenic surrounds, or go on a peaceful kayak trip from one of the island’s four beaches.

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