6 carefree trips from Vancouver that you can easily take this summer – Daily Hive

Daily Hive - June 28, 2017

By Catriona Hughes

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It’s summertime and that gives you the perfect excuse to explore outside of Vancouver.

Even if it’s just for the weekend, a change of scenery is good for the soul and luckily you have so many options to choose from. When you arrive all you have to do is put on your shades, pour yourself a drink, and get into holiday mode.

We’ve compiled a list of five places you can go to have the perfect carefree summer. The best part? They’re easily accessible, leaving you with more time to enjoy yourself.

Bowen Island

This gem is only a 20-minute ferry ride away from Vancouver and it’s the perfect place to retreat for the weekend. If you love the outdoors, you’ll feel right at home on Bowen Island. You can rent a kayak and see everything that Snug Cove has to offer by boat, hike the Killarney Lake trail, and wrap up your weekend with a slice of the best pizza you could imagine at the Island’s Tuscany Restaurant.