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Web Page Layout

Your page will look similar to this.  Please enter text and images that will work with this layout.

Sample Web Page

Banner / Thumbnail Image - IMPORTANT!

Your banner / thumbnail image doubles as a directory image that sits alongside other images like this.

Sample Directory Image

The long narrow banner display and this directory display are two very different proportions.  When these smaller images are placed into a banner, the middle third of the image (roughly) is displayed and the top and bottom are cut off.  Please choose a photo that will work well in both scenarios.

Please also choose high resolution photos - it's ok to upload images that are anything less than 5 MB in size.  We'll resize them to work on your page.  The banner image should be 2000 pixels wide if possible.  The additional image can be much smaller as it'll be in the body of your page.  If you're not sure what all this means, submit what you have and we'll work it out.

If you're not able to submit your images using the method described below, please reply to the email that you receive when you submit this form and attach your photos there.