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Delvon Lamarr Oregon Trio • live @ The Bowen Island Pub
Feb 22 @ 8:00 pm

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Bowen Island Pub, Feb 22
Delivering an infectious blend of soul, jazz and rhythm & blues, the DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO proves to be a band on the rise. Their tantalizing grooves, lush sounds and vibrant jam sessions are always fresh with improvisations strengthened by their undeniable chemistry.

This Seattle-based organ trio, featuring Lamarr on B-3 and Jimmy James on guitar, evokes a classic instrumental sound with a pioneering, virtuosic sensibility all its own on debut LP Close But No Cigar. Featured on Seattle’s KEXP’s “Local Artist Spotlight” in July 2017 followed by a live performance at Upstream Music Festival broadcast by KEXP that has garnered over 5 million views, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio has captured the attention of audiences around the world. The band put out their album independently in 2016 and Colemine Records gave it a wide release in March 2018 to critical acclaim.

Caro Pierotto • Brazilian vocalist @ Cove Commons
Feb 23 @ 7:00 pm

Caro Pietotto, Feb 23, Cove Commons

“Caro’s vocals are as authentic as her personality. There’s a light that shines right through her and her music.” – KCRW

A Co-Presentation by Kay Meek and the Hearth, Bowen Island Art Council
Cove Commons, Bowen Island Arts Council

Vocalist Caro Pierotto smoulders with smoking hot rhythms and sensuous melodies from the musical heritage of her homeland, performing with Brazil’s Farofa.

Visit Caro’s website here.

Men on the Rock • house concert @ House Concert
Feb 23 @ 7:30 pm

Men on the Rock, Feb. 23, house concert, tickets Cates Pharmacy

Don’t miss this very special intimate house concert. The all-male choir Men on the Rock are performing diverse choral works from Tom Waits to Robert Burns and beyond. Seating is limited, so don’t delay purchasing tickets. Available through Cates Pharmacy, Village Square.

Moira Smiley + VOCO @ Cates Hill Chapel
Mar 1 @ 6:30 pm

Moira Smiley + VOCO, March 1, Cates Hill Chapel

Moira Smiley’s vocal quintet, VOCO brings together five wildly gifted singers and song leaders from across North America to sing and stomp together – a cappella!   Grounding VOCO’s signature female harmony are two virtuoso male singers, and all together they lift up Moira’s soulful, joyous original songs and a delicious selection of ancient folk songs.

These dynamic voices also come together to inspire YOU to step up and sing with your whole being, and to open your ears to styles and sounds less familiar to North American audiences.  Each singer is steeped in separate but overlapping vocal traditions – jazz, classical and folk genres meet as they collaborate.

Moira’s folk song collecting (and Karla Mundy’s also) in Eastern Europe, Ireland and the Appalachians bring wild, unusual colors and rhythms, while Moira’s songwriting brings it all into beautifully crafted American music. VOCO’s improvisation, body percussion, modal folk melodies and joyous rhythms light up the stage. Named #1 a cappella group in the U.S. in 2007, Moira Smiley has been leading VOCO in performances that combine the energy of street singing and the elegance of a string quartet.

VOCO has been called:
“Fascinating and multi-lingual” – The LA Times
“Persuasive, near perfect musicians” – The Herald Times
“Gritty and ethereal, banjo to Bartók” – The Village Voice.

Jake Asaro, Gregory Fletcher, Karla Mundy, Dawn Pemberton, Moira Smiley

Michigan Rattlers • live at The Pub @ The Bowen Island Pub
Mar 28 @ 9:00 pm

Michigan Rattlers, Bowen Island Pub, March 28
The Michigan Rattlers are touring across American . . . and they’re coming to Bowen Island on March 28. Don’t miss ’em. It’ll be a night to remember. Stay tuned for ticket details or contact The Bowen Island Pub.

Check out this video for a sample.