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Find your coffee and pastries everywhere you go - on the Pier, in Snug Cove, Village Square, Artisan Square, and beyond...

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“We love having a hot cup of coffee, and super warm welcome for breakfast. Everyone is so inviting and friendly here!”

Along with award winning coffee and freshly baked bread, Bowen Island proudly boasts some of the best sweets you’ll find anywhere. Organic chocolate and organic pies, nostalgic candies and more.

Best to make a tour of it and try them all!

Artisan Eats Boulangerie & Cafe
(604) 947-0190

Candy in the Cove
(604) 947-2877

Cocoa West Chocolatier
(604) 947-2996

The Ruddy Café and Garden
(604) 947-0665

The Snug Café & Catering
(604) 947-0402

Union Steamship Ice Cream Window
(604) 947-0707

Bowen Island Roasting Company
(604) 562-0024

Lime & Moon Pie Company
(604) 889-6426

The Village Baker Cafe
(604) 947-2869