Copper Spirit Distillery | Bowen Island

Copper Spirit Distillery

From the pure West Coast water and organic BC grain to the German copper stills that refine each batch, we lovingly handcraft our spirits on Bowen Island. Every step in our process is a conscious decision to create exceptional beverages and meaningful experiences. Join us in our tasting lounge.

Copper Spirit Distillery Bowen Island

“What a wonderful addition to Bowen Island. Beautiful, comfortable tasting room next to the distillery and friendly, well-informed staff make the experience of spirits tasting a real delight.” Charles M.

Miguel and Candice Kabantsov have always shared a passion for deliciousness. In their past lives, Candice was a photographer and Miguel was a visual effects specialist in film and video games. After starting a family and experiencing island life off the coast of Vancouver, they decided to create a gathering space on Bowen Island to share their excitement for healthy cocktails. The only way to ensure clean organic spirits was to make it themselves. It took them over 5 years to build the distillery from the ground up. Miguel distills spirits that are wonderful to sip straight while Candice blends delightful botanicals into delicious clean cocktails.

Copper Spirit Distillery
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