Is there a bank or ABM (automated bank machine) on Bowen?

First Credit Union is Bowen’s banking centre, open Monday-Friday 10:00-5:00 and Saturday 9:00-1:00
– There’s an ABM outside the building beside the General Store in Snug Cove

Where can I go hiking that is near Snug Cove?

– Crippen Park area (Killarney Lake, Bridal Veil Falls)
– Dorman Point look-out trail
– Mt. Gardner

How do I get to Mt. Gardner/ How long does it take?

– Two trail heads: “Hikers Trail” & “Laura Trail”
– Takes approx. 2hrs from trail head and 1.5hrs coming down (round trip approx. 4-5hrs)

Where can I ride my bike?

– Biking is permitted throughout the Island as well as through many of the trails.
– You are allowed to bike through the trails of Crippen Park but are not permitted to bike on Killarney lake.

Where can I go swimming?

– Closest beaches: Sandy Beach and Pebbley Beach
– Swimming: Tunstall Bay and Bowen Bay

How does the bus system work?

– There are two routes:
– C10 Bluewater (Goes to Artisan Square)
– C11 Eaglecliff

When is the next ferry?/ Where do I buy a return ticket?

– You can find the current ferry schedule here
– Today’s Bowen Island departures and arrivals and on-time information is on the BC Ferries website.
– No return ticket needed!