Getting Around | Bowen Island

Getting Around

Psst. Wanna know a secret? You can leave your car at home and take public transit to Horseshoe Bay. When you arrive on Bowen you arrive in the heart of Downtown Snug Cove. Most shops and restaurants, Crippen Regional Park, trails and beaches are all within walking distance from the ferry terminal. But we also have public transit and active transportation options to help you explore more of the island.

A section of the Snug Cove map

Bowen Island Map

You can download a PDF copy of our Visitor Map & Guide.  This map will help you navigate the island and provides valuable visitor must-know information and links. You can pick up a hard copy of the map on the ferry, at the Bowen Island Visitor Information Centre, as well as island shops and restaurants.

The Go Local brochure provides a good introduction to the community, things to do, places to go, and the island’s unique small businesses. The 2019 Secrets of Bowen Island is an online brochure  that also provides some good tips. Just be aware that the dates are no longer accurate.  We have some more detailed and downloadable trail maps here on the website as well.

Bowen Island Community Shuttle Bus

Bowen Island Community Bus Map

Various areas of Bowen Island can be accessed by the Bowen Island Community Shuttle Buses, part of TransLink. You can pay for your fare with a Compass Card, credit card or cash and the transfer you received from the Vancouver buses will work on Bowen with no extra charge. Note: these are small community buses with limited seating. If an overload occurs, priority may be given to residents and commuters who need to get to work or return home.

There are three bus routes but the #282 Mt. Gardner has limited service and only operates on weekends and holidays. The #280 (Bluewater) services the western side of the island, with stops in Artisan Square. The #281 (Eagle Cliff) services the eastern side of the island. Please be aware that all buses have reduced service on weekends and holidays, so ensure that you check the schedules carefully, including your return trip because you don’t want to be stranded after hours. The bus schedules are designed to align with the ferry schedule. However, delays happen and missed connections may occur and if the ferry is running late, the bus will endeavour to wait for the ferry, unless there are extreme delays. Here’s the current bus schedule that is in effect until May 15, 2024. You should also be able to access the bus schedule via Google Map’s bus transit option, but please use the Google Maps as a guide only and arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before departure time.

Bowen LIFT

Bowen LIFT is all about neighbours helping neighbours giving and getting LIFTS. We want to make it easy to rideshare on Bowen Island by connecting riders and drivers. Visit  for ways to share lifts with islanders.