Getting Here | Bowen Island

Getting Here

When planning your trip to Bowen Island, you may want to consider leaving your car at home and taking public transit from Downtown Vancouver. It's easy, convenient and economical. When you arrive on Bowen, the ferry terminal is in Snug Cove so you can easily walk to shops, restaurants, trails and beaches.

BC Ferries

The Queen of Capilano, the Bowen Island ferry, leaves Horseshoe Bay between the hours of 5:50 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The crossing time is 20 minutes. All tickets include return fare and when you depart Bowen, you will not be asked to show your receipt. Be aware that ticket sales close ten minutes prior to the scheduled sailing and sometimes there are lineups to purchase tickets, so give yourself enough time. As you sail across the channel, enjoy the views of Howe Sound and watch for marine and bird life.

*Note: the ferry schedule listed here is subject to change without notice. Visit BC Ferries Current Conditions webpage to confirm day-of sailing times and check for service notices.
BC Ferries schedule May 16 - Oct 14, 2024

Travel Non-Peak Sailings to Avoid Delays

The Snug Cove ferry is a non-reservable route. Therefore, we highly recommend both foot passengers and vehicle passengers plan accordingly and, when possible, travel during non-peak sailings. If you’re driving, we recommend arriving at least 45 minutes before the sailing that you’re hoping to get on. Moreover, if you need to arrive for a specific time, such as an event or an appointment, we recommend taking at least one sailing prior. It’s fairly common for the Snug Cove route to run late or be overloaded. The summer months are peak travel months, so leave the car at home if you can.

This graph shows typical capacity levels for both Horseshoe Bay and Snug Cove departures. While this is general information, and delays or overloads can occur on any sailing, this graph does suggest typical capacity levels.

BC Ferries Snug Cove route capacity for each sailing, based on 2022-2023 information.

If you’re overloaded, we recommend making the best of the situation. You do not have to sit in your car and get hot & bothered. If you’re in Horseshoe Bay, you can go for a walk, enjoy the lovely ocean-view park, grab a meal, drink and visit the shops & galleries. If you’ve lined up your car in Snug Cove, you can also go for a walk, sit on a shady park bench, and enjoy a meal, drink or a little shopping.

Limited Parking in Horseshoe Bay

Be aware that there is very limited parking in Horseshoe Bay and it fills up very fast on the weekends and during the summer months. So to avoid disappointment and frustration, we recommend taking public transit to Horseshoe Bay if your plan is to walk onto the ferry rather than drive.

Public Transit to Horseshoe Bay

The West Vancouver Blue Bus numbers 250 Horseshoe Bay and 257 Horseshoe Bay Express provide regular daily service between Downtown Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay. Please visit Translink for current schedules and trip planning information.

Cormorant Marine Water Taxi – charter services

Cormorant Marine currently only provides charter services. Please visit 2Q==-4  Cormorant Marine’s  website for more information and contact details.