Getting Here

Hop on BC Ferries for a 20 minute ride to Bowen Island.

It’s a 20-minute ferry ride (5.6km/3 nautical mi) from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal in West Vancouver to Snug Cove at Bowen Island. The tickets purchased in Horseshoe Bay are a return trip! Horseshoe Bay can be reached by public transportation. The West Vancouver Blue Bus numbers 250 and 257 leave from Downtown Vancouver, and West Vancouver, at regular intervals to Horseshoe Bay. Please call 604-985-7777 or visit Translink for current schedules to plan your trip.

Coming across the Water

BC FERRIES The Queen of Capilano, the Bowen Island ferry, leaves Horseshoe Bay between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 9:35 p.m. The crossing time is 20 minutes.  Visit  BC Ferries  for an up-to-date schedule. Please note! Ticket sales will end ten minutes before the scheduled sailing time for both vehicles and walk-on passengers.  Another way to get to Bowen is through the English Bay Launch. It departs from either Coal Harbour or Granville Island. Click  here  to find out more about the schedule.

If you’re travelling by BC Ferries, the ticket you purchased is for a return trip. So when you’re on your way, just line up for the ferry and drive or walk on when the light turns green.

Schedule in Effect: October 11, 2016 to December 21, 2016
Sailing times are daily unless otherwise indicated.


Leave Bowen Island (Snug Cove) Leave Horseshoe Bay (Vancouver)
5:30 am Daily except Sat, Sun & Nov 11 6:00 am Daily
6:30 am Daily 7:00 am Daily except Sat & Sun
7:30 am Daily except Sat & Sun 8:00 am Daily
8:30 am Daily 9:00 am Daily except Sun and Wed are (DC)
9:30 am Daily except Sun 10:00 am Daily
10:30 am Daily 11:00 am Daily
11:30 am Daily 12:00 pm Daily
12:30 pm Daily 2:25 pm Daily
3:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily
4:00 pm Daily except Wed are (DC) 4:30 pm Daily
5:00 pm Daily 5:30 pm Daily
6:00 pm Daily 6:30 pm Daily
7:00 pm Daily except Sat 7:30 pm Daily except Sat
8:00 pm Daily except Sun 8:30 pm Daily except Sun
9:00 pm Daily 9:30 pm Daily
10:00 pm Daily

DC: Wednesday sailings will be replaced by Dangerous Cargo sailings. No other passengers permitted.

2Q==-4WATER TAXI You missed the last ferry off the island?  Cormorant Marine  is there with their water taxis. They run a nightly regular scheduled service to and from Horseshoe Bay. Cormorant Marine can be reached at 604-250-2630 or 604-947-2243, or you can visit their website.

The regular Water Taxi schedule is:

Sunday to Thursday
Depart Snug Cove: 11:15 pm
Depart Horseshoe Bay: 11:30 pm

Friday and Saturday
Depart Snug Cove: 12:15 am
Depart Horseshoe Bay:12:30 am

Summer Schedule (call ahead to confirm service):

Monday to Friday
Depart Horseshoe Bay: 4:30 pm + 5:30 pm


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