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Xenia Retreat Centre

Xenia is a beautifully inspired 38-acre Island Retreat in the heart of Bowen Island

Xenia Peaceful BuddhaEncouraged by a vision, Xenia was founded in 1994 by Angelyn Toth. Her passion and life’s work is to do with transformation. What a perfect opportunity it was to take a broken down old sheep farm and transform it into a magnificent space that serves so many.

Xenia draws people from around the world into her sanctuary. From strategic business retreats, to soul searching space of solitude or personal creative endeavours, it is a perfect safe container for individuals and groups.

Xenia is infused with magic.  It is a tranquil, natural environment with horses grazing in nearby meadows. When you’re a guest, you can spend time with our 1000-year -old Douglas fir tree OPA, who is a real favourite to many in the region or you can meander through the labyrinth to de-stress, unwind and pick up a message or two. We have been told that Xenia is a place where ideas hang out – all you have to do is show up. Many great creative projects have been conceived or developed in the different spaces at Xenia. Most people report that they feel at home the moment they arrive.  The simplicity calls to something deep inside and soon the body and mind relax and the soul is happy.

Xenia Retreat dining roomThe hearth of the kitchen is a great feature where delicious food is prepared and enjoyed.   It is a place where many deep connections are made.

Xenia hosts Silent Retreats, Writers’ Retreats and programs designed around transformational tools. We host a limited number of intimate weddings throughout the year. It also serves as a venue for other qualified facilitators to use for their programs of a similar nature.

Xenia Retreat Centre
782 Smith Road
Bowen Island

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Contact: Angelyn
P: (604) 947-9816
E: xeniacentre@gmail.com

Peace Gate, Xenia Retreat CentreOracle Building Xenia Retreat Centre