Bowen Island History

Bowen Island has a rich history dating back to 1791. Visitors can find out about Bowen by touring Bowen Heritage and the Bowen Island Museum.

Bowen Heritage

The Bowen Heritage Society has saved and preserved the Davies Orchard as well as some of the cottages that used to be a popular place for visitors to stay in the early 1900’s. Now, one of the cottages is used as a museum, while some others have been restored and are a great place to rent while on the island.

Bowen Heritage offers tours of the museum and the gardens through appointments.

To find out more about Bowen Heritage visit their website.

Bowen Island Museum & Archives

The Bowen Island museum was created in 1967 by individuals creating a book with information they had gathered about the island. Now the Museum and Archive’s goal is to continue to gather the history of Bowen and make the information available to residents and visitors.

Visit the Bowen Island Museum & Archives website to find out more about the current exhibits.

Film and Television

The Bowen Island Museum & Archives has compiled lists of Movie and TV productions filmed on Bowen Island.

Films/TV Series list by date: Click to read.
Films/TV Series list with details: Click to read.