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No city here! Many of our visitors come just for the outdoor options.

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“All the sheep were adorable at the farm. They all came to the fence to say hello!”

Take in a view from the water while kayaking or paddleboarding;  play a round of golf; explore our meandering trails, hop on a scooter and visit our farms or beaches, or cycle across the island and back.

If you’re competitive or enjoy group activities, check our events page. Bowen hosts many outdoor fitness activities, from 10k runs to kayak races to hiking fundraisers.

So much outdoors to enjoy on Bowen!

Alderwood Farm
(604) 947-9434

Bowen Island Adventures
email: play@bowenislandadventures.com

Bowen Island Golf Club
(604) 947-4653

Bowen Island Sea Kayaking
(604) 947-9266

Bowen Island Tours
(604) 812-5041

Walks & Hikes on Bowen

Zoom Zoom Bowen
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Home Farm Gardens
(604) 947-6995

Mountain Biking

Scuba Diving

Sea to Sky Marine Trail