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Explore local, connect with nature and relax into a slower pace of life – the locals call this island time.

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“All the sheep were adorable at the farm. They all came to the fence to say hello!”

Take in a view from the water while kayaking or paddleboarding. Play a round at the award-winning golf course. Enjoy a gentle walk on meandering forest trails or lace up your boots for a cardio challenge – Mt. Gardner is the island’s highest peak. Bowen’s country roads are scenic but very hilly, so novice cyclists should be cautioned and consider staying on trails and quiet roads. If you love to swim, there are a number of public beaches around the island that offer fresh, clean water. But please note the beaches are rocky, not sandy.

So much outdoors to enjoy on Bowen! Leave the hustle and bustle of urban life behind. Go back home relaxed and refreshed.

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