Conscious Cosmetics FRESH & HANDMADE on Bowen Island - True Love Comes in a Jar! No alcohol, no chemicals, no fragrance, no harmful nonsense of any kind… Only CLEAN, FRESH, and ALL NATURAL GOURMET SKIN FOOD ♥

Conscious Cosmetics

Welcome! YEAH you found us!

Meant to be?! Let’s find out…

Conscious Cosmetics are right for you if you desire:

* Delicious, Clean, Healthy, Fresh, COMPLETELY toxin-free, true skin foods
* The Truth about what you put in and on your body, and expect accountability from the people who sell to you
* Products that help you Heal and Balance your skin
* Creative Freedom to customize your Make-up
* An excuse to play with fairy dust, and Guilt-Free bring out your HOT, SEXY, and GLOWING self 😉
* To Engage your Senses, experiencing the pleasure of scent, taste, and feel
* To Support local independent businesses
* To be part of Something that Matters, is Cruelty Free, and Minimizes the Impact on our Environment

And if you believe that any business that has to do with the well-being of you and your loved ones is PERSONAL

All our products are:
* Handmade with LOVE and CARE on Bowen Island, B.C., Canada.
* Tested only on friends and family ♥
* Truly wonderful for your body, your well being, and for our environment!

“Life is too short and I am too vain to settle for mediocrity. I want the ‘Holy Grail’ of skin care… Conscious. Uncompromising. Quality.

You with me?! Come by to play & get your HEALTHY, SEXY, SKIN GLOW!”

Malene Rosenberg Hansen – Owner & Creator of Conscious Cosmetics

On Bowen? Come by (4 minutes driving from the Cove)!

YES, you can pick up your order instead of ordering online 🙂 YES, you can come to feel, taste, smell, and play… just email at, and we’ll make it happen.

YESSS, we do Personal Makeup & Care Product Consultancy!
– Always wanted to know how to get the best out of your features? Learn what colours & products work best for you, AND how to apply them step by step. GREAT for mother & daughter dates! Contact us at info@concious-cosmetics for an appointment. *Consultations generally take about 1h 15min. per face ($40 p.p.).

Interested in hosting a Makeup Party? Get a your besties together (min. 5 people) for a couple of hours of play & fun!

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