The Cape on Bowen | Bowen Island

So close, yet a world away. Just two legacy estates remain!

Cape on Bowen beach family

Only two 10-acre serviced estates remain – less than $1.5 million. This is the final offering.

Exceptionally private and with transcendent views of the ocean and neighbouring islands, The Cape On Bowen is a rare chance to own an enviable island estate. This is a rare master-planned waterfront community on the southwestern tip of the island. You will feel deeply proud of what you own here. This is something very few people achieve in their lifetime. It is something real – something your family will look to with pride for generations. Having a place like this makes it all worth it.

The Cape on Bowen is working with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks to create a new 240-acre park at Cape Roger Curtis that connects to the 32-acre southern waterfront Nature Reserve that was created in December 2020, and is also contiguous to 320 acres of Crown Land and Fairy Fen Nature Reserve. We share a powerfully aligned mission. Together we envision a park that serves to educate, nourish the spirit, and inspire the world to cherish our collective home, Mother Earth. We will collaborate to attain support from additional partners, and to plan rigorously to protect this ecologically diverse landscape while connecting regional residents to nature.

If you would like to be a part of this special community, please contact us today.

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The Cape on Bowen