Stay Local this Winter | Bowen Island

Stay Local this Winter

Stay local this winter. Enjoy a relaxing getaway on Bowen Island.

eating in front of the fire place, Artisan Eats CafeShift into a slower pace of life. Breathe fresh, cool air. Meander lush forest trails. Stop to smell the cedars. Listen to the quiet sounds of nature. Nourish your soul.

Savour warm comfort foods. Sink into a comfy couch in front of a wood-burning fire. Bring a good book. Grab a cuppa of your favourite beverage… and just be.

That’s right. We invite you to pause, unplug and just be for a while. Leave the to-do lists behind. Set your phone to call forwarding. Tell ’em you’ll be back… sometime soon.

Bowen Island is so close, only a 20-minute scenic ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay and less than one hour from Downtown Vancouver. But when you’re here, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported far away, to a simpler, quieter place and time. The locals call this island time.

reading, relaxing, USSC Summer House, Bowen IslandWant to stay longer and relax more? Bowen Island offers a small collection of vacation rentals, including cottages, guest suites, retreats and a float home, so you’re guaranteed an authentic experience. You wont find any hotels, franchises or big box stores on Bowen! All businesses are small independently owned and operated. Thank you for supporting local!

Visit our Accommodations webpage for more information. Please be aware that weekends and holidays are often booked well in advance, so it can be difficult to find last-minute bookings. Also, if you’re interested in shopping and dining at a specific establishment, please confirm days and hours of operation in advance. Generally speaking, you’ll find more places open Thursdays through Sundays. Don’t worry though, you won’t go hungry because there’s always someplace to dine and the island’s two grocery stories are open daily, except holidays.

P.S. it’s cold outside during the winter months and it often rains or snows. Please dress for the weather so that you’re comfortable when you visit. Not sure what to bring? Contact us and we’re happy to offer guidance and tips. Always follow the latest COVID-19 health guidelines, protocols and restrictions – COVID-19 Alerts and Updates.