Bowen Island Lumberjack Show | Bowen Island

Bowen Island Lumberjack Show

July 28, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Crippen Regional Park

If you like the sound of chainsaws, enjoy the smell of sawdust and think plaid is the latest fashion, you’ll want to come to the Bowen Island Lumberjack Show. The show has many logging sport categories for competitors of all ages. Competitors grow their skills in traditional logging sports like pole climbing, crosscut saw competitions, axe throwing and relay team competitions. Each year the competitors return, determined to defeat those who dare to challenge them.

Many of the traditional logging sports are included in each years venue. There are also challenging age appropriate sports for the family. Every year high skill level sports are demonstrated by top professionals from around North America. Here are some of the logging sports coming to this years event on Bowen Island.

• Axe Throw Competition
• Chokerman Race
• Single and Double Buck Competition
• Speed Buck Competition
• Kid’s Chokerman Race
• Kid’s Hatchet Throw
• Pole Climbing
• Demonstration Sports