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This form collects information and images that we can use to create your online ad and your social media posts.  You're not required to fill out both at once, you can do the ad now and the post later or vice versa, whatever you have ready now will do.

For the social media post, keep in mind that this post will be repeated for some time so it shouldn't be a time-limited promotion or event.  It is intended to be a post that Tourism Bowen Island would share about your business, as a customer and fan of your business (word-of-mouth praise is more effective than self-promotion).  As such, the text should be written as though by TBI, and should describe something TBI would know about and agree with - for example "Cocoa West's 'Unbelievably Good Egg' is to die for - this is the best organic chocolate you'll find for miles around - a hidden treasure!"  Since we must stand behind it, we may modify your wording to reflect what we can say with integrity. If you prefer, you can leave the text description to us, but tell us what you want us to comment on.  You can also provide either an image to include with the post text, or a link to a page that you want visitors to click through to and share.

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Information for your Premium Member advertisement

Information you provide in the following fields will be used to set up your advertisement.
The elements of an ad are:

  1. the heading
  2. the image
  3. the description

Here's a simple example.  You may use an image with text on it if you prefer.  The ad will be placed in the sidebar of a category / directory page.

Sample of an ad

Information for your Premium Member social media post

Information you provide in the following fields will be used to set up your social media post.
The elements of a post are:

  1. the description
  2. the image or link share

Here's a simple example.

Sample of a Facebook Post

Image Post - if the image is already on the internet, find it, right-click on it and select "Copy Image Location" (or "Copy Image Address"), then paste here in the field

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