Top Small Towns to Visit for Canada Day – Expedia | Bowen Island

Top Small Towns to Visit for Canada Day – Expedia

Expedia Travelblog - March 22, 2017

by Jennifer Cuellar
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There are few things just as sweet in adulthood as they are in childhood, but the first real day of summer is one of them. With the sun warming your shoulders and the anticipation of hiking trails, BBQs, and fireworks on the horizon, it doesn’t get much better than this. When you add in Canada Day celebrations and parades, well, life really is sweet.

To truly experience a relaxing getaway this July, we’re presenting the top small towns to visit during the holiday. Some of these spots have special events lined up for the nation’s 150th anniversary, some are only a few minutes or hours from larger cities with 150th celebrations, and some offer summertime experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Without further ado, here are the best small towns in Canada to experience the country’s birthday.

Bowen Island

Expedia Article - Top Small Towns to Visit for a Canada Day Getaway - Bowen Island kayaking photo

Population: 3,492

We know a place far away from everyday cares, where you can feel like you’re on your own island–perhaps because it is an island. We’re talking about Bowen Island, British Columbia, a tree-sprinkled patch of beauty on the waters of Howe Sound. Bowen Island is planning its upcoming Canada Day festival. Last year included a family picnic, live music, and face painting, so you can count on a perfect afternoon with the kiddos. While you’re in town, spend time at the marina at Snug Cove. Get those paddles ready for action when you sign up for a kayak tour with Bowen Island Kayaking. And see the island from a scooter when you rent a sweet ride from Zoom Zoom Bowen.

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