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“The best day started with a morning hike around Crippen Park followed by breakfast at a local restaurant and a visit to a few local galleries. Being surrounded by nature is the reason for my getaways to Bowen, as well as the friendly community and earthy architecture of everything on the island.”

Known as a haven for rest, relaxation and nature away from the city, Bowen has a surprisingly wide range of activities to enjoy. Outdoors there are nature hikes and walks, road and mountain biking, kayaking and paddleboarding, swimming and beachcombing, picnics, golf, even horseback riding and scuba diving. Bowen also hosts many outdoor concerts and events.

Indoors you’ll find several art galleries and a museum, restaurants and cafes, shopping, yoga, dance, gyms, spa and other wellness treatments. Community events compete for their audiences virtually every weekend.

Arts & Culture

Arts Pacific Gallery
(604) 947-0489

Bowen Island Arts Council
(604) 947-2454

Bowen Island Undercurrent
(604) 947-2442

Juniper Gallery – Vikki Fuller
(778) 888-9640

Bowen Heritage Society

Bowen Island Museum & Archives
(604) 947-2655

Cloudflower Clayworks
(604) 947-2522

Gilt Studio Gallery
(604) 618-1409


Relaxation, Wellness & Beauty

Bowen Island Yoga and Holistic Living
(604) 354-9880

Cedar Room Wellness
(604) 240-6485

Conscious Cosmetics
(604) 318-2725

Nectar Yoga
(604) 947-6999

Acupuncture – Catherine Shaw

Body Vitality Massage Therapy
(604) 288-2860

Bowen Island Massage Therapy & Healing Arts
(604) 947-9755

Caring Circle Health Resource Centre
(604) 947-9100

Chiropractic – Dr. Tracy Leach

Heartstone Spa
(778) 319-2876

Infin8 Healing
(604) 725-5499

Naturopathic – Dr. Dana Barton

Physiotherapy – Sandy Logan

InHabit Somatic Centre and Massage
(778) 952-3757

Twiggleberries Spa
(604) 947-2876

Veterinary – Bowen Veterinary Services
(604) 947-9247



Bowen Dance Cardio
(604) 720-9722

Bowen Island Golf Club
(604) 947-4653

Bowen Island Yoga and Holistic Living
(604) 354-9880

Nectar Yoga
(604) 947-6999

Positively Fit
(604) 947-9601

The Gym
(604) 812-7252 or (604) 780-3690


Outdoor Tours & Activities

Alderwood Farm
(604) 947-9434

Bowen Island Golf Club
(604) 947-4653

Bowen Island Sea Kayaking
(604) 947-9266

Bowen Island Tours
(604) 812-5041

Walks & Hikes on Bowen

Zoom Zoom Bowen
(604) 725-9207



Home Farm Gardens
(604) 947-6995

Mountain Biking

Scuba Diving

Sea to Sky Marine Trail