Additional Membership Options | Bowen Island
Additional Business Web Pages
$129 per additional web page
Do you run more than one business? Add another web page with a menu link - under the same or a different category.

(Plus and Premium members)
Web Page Updates
Price varies depending on the extent of changes requested
Change something on your web page - wording or photos, special deals, limited time offers, etc.

(Plus and Premium members)
Additional Photos
Price varies depending on the photo processing required
Add photos to your web page - includes photo processing, cropping, and positioning as needed.

(Plus and Premium members)
Additional Advertisements
$99 per additional ad
Have more than one placement of your ad on the website, or have different ads for different business areas or promotions.

(Premium members)
Additional Social Media Posts
Price varies depending on the number or variety of posts requested
Increase the volume of posts and tweets about your business that hit the internet, or create different posts to mix it up.

(Premium members)
Trade Show Participation
Price varies with Show / Venue
Have your marketing materials distributed at key tourism trade shows throughout the year.

Trade shows include:
Outdoor Adventure - March
Clefs d'Or - April