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2024 Bowen Island Map & Guide

Showcase your business. Connect with visitors. Enhance visitor experiences. Support responsible visits and community well-being. The 2024 Bowen Island Map & Guide is the go-to resource for visitors to Bowen Island. This is the only map used and distributed through the Bowen Island Visitor Information Centre. We are printing 35,000 copies that will distributed on BC Ferries, YVR airport, at Vancouver hotels and Destination Vancouver.  There’s limited advertising space, so we encourage you to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Ad booking deadline: February 29, 2024.    Order Now!

 Here’s what’s new for 2024…

    • More than a map – this is a visitor guide with important information & tips to enhance visits and support community well-being.
    • 35,000 colour copies printed.
    • Distributed on ferry, YVR, hotels & high-traffic visitor hubs including Destination Vancouver.
    • This is the only map used at the Visitor Information Centre.
    • Don’t miss your chance to raise and drive visitors to your door.
    • Digital format extends reach to national and international audiences – with potentially limitless exposure.
    • Designed by a local team and features many Bowen photographers.
      • Members receive 10% discount on all ads.
      • The map will be available digitally on TBI’s website and as a downloadable PDF.
      • TBI’s website is the #1 website return for “Bowen Island” searches
      • Website recorded over 88,000 users between June 1 – December 31, 2023.
      • TBI is a not-for-profit organization. Advertising proceeds stay local and support local. All revenues raised are reinvested into our programs, services and initiatives that promote sustainable tourism, lead responsible destination management, support our members and foster community economic development of Bowen Island.
    • Members receive 10% discount on all advertising.

      Booking Deadline: February 29, 2024.

      2023 map cover and guide2024 Bowen Island Visitor Map & Guide

      • User-friendly, professionally-designed map and guide. Thoughtfully designed based on our years of experience serving at the Visitor Information Centre. Map features the key information most visitors are looking: trails, beaches, parks, sights and where to eat, shop, things to do, places to see and more.
      • If you want visitors to find your business, you want to be in this map.
      • Maps include all roads, public trails and topographic details.
      • This is the only map distributed via the Bowen Island Visitor Information Centre. It’s also available for use and distribution at local Bowen businesses.

      Book online or download PDF form or email for more information.

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          • Place your booking online or download the PDF form and send via email
          • You will receive an invoice payable upon receipt. Payment ensures placement and all invoices must be paid before print deadline April 1, 2024.
          • Ad copy and artwork due on or before MARCH 15, 2024.
          • Cost to design your business ad is not included in the Display Ad Rates.
          • Advertisers requiring design assistance or ad adaptations can contact Jody Lorenz.
          • A hard copy and a digital copy of your completed ad must be submitted complete with the designer’s name and contact information.
          • Email digital copies of your ad. Files must be smaller than 5 MB.
          • Upon receipt of the digital ad, advertisers will be notified of any problems, and in the event of necessary changes, advertisers will be charged (at a rate of $60 per hour) for all work required to convert supplied advertising material to the printer’s requirements.
          • For more information please email

      Small Ad 2”x2”: $425.00 (1.2¢ per copy)

      Medium Ad 3”x2”: $650.00 (1.8¢ per copy)

      Large Ad 4”x2”: $875.00 (2.5¢ per copy)

      Block Ad 4”x3”: $1,150.00 (3.2¢ per copy)

      Back Cover 4”x9”: $3,500.00 (10¢ per copy)
      *pricing covers all printing and distribution

        • The map will be produced with InDesign CS6 for MacIntosh.
        • The following formats are acceptable: EPS, TIFF, PDF
        • Photography must be 300 dpi and CMYK (not RGB).
        • Black and White ads must be 600 dpi, halftones at 300 dpi. Adobe Photoshop 4.0 or later.
        • For more information email

      Members receive 10% discount. Memberships can be purchased anytime and prorated for May 1 annual renewal

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